The Axel suite
a complete range of product


PLC development environment, supporting all 5 languages of the IEC 61131-3 standard.
Complete, light and modular, suitable for any device with any resources.


HMI development environment for embedded systems.
Designed to work on devices with extremely limited resources.

Runtime Components

Ready-to-use runtimes to transform your device into a fully programmable PLC.
And also complete and updated field buses.


Fully customizable multi-devices configuration tool for parameterizing, supervising and setting up the device.


Fully customizable software oscilloscope, for device diagnostics through high frequency sampling.

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LogicLab, the best choice

A complete and flexible environment, able to meet any requirements
  • PLC development environment full compliant with the IEC 61131-3 standard
  • All 5 languages of the standard are supported, both textual (IL, ST) and graphics (LD, FBD, SFC)
  • Run-time portable on every kind of hardware device with every kind of operative software (Windows, Linux, RTOS, without OS)
  • Embedded simulator, which allow execution of PLC applications directly on the PC
  • Definition of user data type simple and complex: multidimensional arrays, pointers language extension
  • Generation of native machine code at high efficiency for the most common compilers
  • Incremental compilation and “hot-swap” download
  • Realtime debugging features (breakpoint, watch window, triggers, graphic trace)
  • Communication using both standard protocols (TCP/IP, Modbus, CANOpen) and proprietary ones
  • High customization level, both in graphics and in functionalities
  • Customized LogicLab redistributable version for each client
  • LogicLab is constantly updated with enhancement, new features and bugfixes
  • Each client has his own TRAC database for monitoring tickets and reports

Main features and strengths


Complete IT supports all 5 languages of IEC 61131-3, all data type (standard, arrays and structured) and allows the creation of user-defined data types. It supports object oriented programming, pointers and macros.


Both LogicLab and its runtime are among the lighter on the market. Just a few kB of code occupied on the target. LogicLab setup is quick and immediate and does not require to install heavy framework or external components.


The generated executable code is quick as the one generated by standard C embedded compilers. Every development phase (edit, compiling and download) are among the fastest in the PLC development environments.


The runtime can be easily added to every system, from 8bit architectures to powerful multi-core CPUs. Portability is granted with every kind of operative system or even without (bare metal firmware).


The embedded customization interface, based on HTML and other scripting technologies, allows the user to extend LogicLab with new features specific for his products.


LogicLab can interface (or can be easily integrated) with other Windows software. His layout and its features can be easily modified to meet different requirements.

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