AXEL: for over twenty years alongside industrial automation

Since 1998 we produce highly technologic software solutions for the industrial automation, with a range of product capable of covering all aspects of the various technologies: from the development of embedded components to the creation of PC software tools dedicated to programming, configuration and diagnostic.

NXTROL is AXEL official partner for consulting, support, marketing and sales in China


A young but expert team

Thanks to a young team of developers, dynamic but expert, Axel is able to combine edge-cutting technologies with a know-how grown and consolidated in decades of experience. The Axel workflow is based on a strict cooperation with the client’s staff, with the goal to maximize the result of such a cooperation allowing the client to focus on the peculiarity of its product without worrying about the software development.

Till now Axel is the only Italian developer of a PLC development environment compliant with the IEC 61131-3 standard, and it’s one of the top five producer in the world.
Axel is active in both Italian and international markets, counting also on the cooperation with strategical partners operating in specific territories; for example Nxtrol, our top partner in Asian market.


The AXEL suite:

Axel can fully meet any requirements related to world of industrial automation, thanks to a complete and diversified range of products, each of them able to reach specific different goals, but also able to work together in a perfect symbiosis:

Software Products

  • LogicLab
  • LogicView
  • PageLab
  • SoftTune
  • SoftScope

Runtime Components

  • Fieldbus and runtime ready to go for Windows
  • RaspberryPi
  • Arduino Due

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