Commissioning Tools

Managing parameters

In the Axel suite, SoftTune and SoftScope, are the software designed for configuration, supervision and diagnostic of parameters and networks; typically used together, with SoftScope embedded in SoftTune.
The possibility of having them combined, allow the client to provide a unique software for managing configuration, supervision and diagnostic operations.
SoftTune and SoftScope, in both stand alone and combined versions, can be totally customized for the graphics and the functionalities; besides the software can easily be customized directly by the client itself, with no need to ask for further Axel assistance. This gives the client the guarantee and the convenience of having a configuration software always updated keeping its own autonomy.

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Tool for parametrization and diagnostic totally customizable.
It’s a multi-devices tool, meaning that with a single instance of one software it’s possible to manage the parameters of a whole network of devices.


Real-time oscilloscope with high performance for parameters monitoring.
It allows the supervision of any kind of parameters by analyzing the device memory with high frequency sampling.
Totally customizable, SoftScope is often used combined with SotfTune.

Main features

  • A single software for parameters configuration, supervision and diagnostic
  • Deeply customizable in both graphics and features
  • The freedom to customize and update the software independently
  • Multi-devices tool: with a single software you can manage more device at the same time, even if with different communication protocols
  • High frequency sampling for high performances

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