LogicLab, a successful history

LogicLab is a development environment full compliant with the IEC 61131-3 standard, the most common standard for programming industrial controllers; it has been successfully used in several different application fields, proving to be able to meet the requirements of both developers and devices.
Up today Logiclab has been chosen as a winning solution by over 50 companies, ranking at the top positions among IEC 61131-3 development environments.

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Practical, convenient and efficient

In addition to its ease of use and a user-friendly interface, with LogicLab is possible to import portions of C/C++ code as libraries, thus allowing you to reuse the code already written by the customer; this will keep intact the value of the work already done by the customer, which can continue to rely on the skills of its staff without massive investments for the growth of know-how.

Thanks to its thrifty runtime and a modular implementation, LogicLab can be successfully brought to a wide range of products: from 8 to 64 bits architecture, from rich to very low hardware requirements, with any operating system or even without one.

The code, written in any of the 5 languages of the IEC 61131-3 standard, is compiled directly in machine language; this does not only make the applications extremely efficient, but it also makes LogicLab suitable for the management of time-critical applications.

A wide and complete range of product, to perfectly suits any client’s requirements

Besides representing a great development environment, LogicLab is also provided with a powerful edge-cutting debugging system. Furthermore, thanks to the integration of a web browser, it is possible to extend LogicLab with functionalities dedicated to the customer’s products, making the Axel solution a completely customizable solution.

LogicLab can perfectly integrates the other products of the Axel suite, including software for building human-machine interfaces (PageLab and LogicView), tools for configuration, supervision and diagnostic of networks and parameters (SoftTune and SoftScope), an offline simulator (SimuLab) and a SoftPLC execution environment (LLExec); offering a unique and complete suite able to meet the requirements of any automation system.

Main features

  • Editors for all the 5 languages of IEC 61131-3 standard
  • The convenience of using the most common standard in the world for programming industrial controllers
  • Complete customization, to best meet the client’s requirements
  • Import/export of already written code, to maximize the value of the work already done
  • Edge-cutting debugging instruments: watch window, breakpoints with step-by-step execution, triggers, oscilloscope, live debug mode
  • Generation of machine language upon compilation: quick, light and efficient
  • Users can upload source code on the target (even crypted), in order to get it back later
  • “Hot-swap” download feature: users can download the new code without halting the execution of the current one
  • Embedded simulator: users can test their code on their PCs before truly download it on the physical board
  • Complete integration with the other products of the Axel suite, including the development environment for HMI and the configurator for parameters and networks
  • Easy-to-use interface, designed to be user-friendly
  • LogicLab can be ported on any device: 8 or more bits architecture, with or without operating system, with any kind of system resources


Axel software has been already installed on over 40.000 products in the world.


Main features and strengths


It supports all 5 languages of IEC 61131-3, all data type (standard, arrays and structured) and allows the creation of user-defined data types. It supports object-oriented programming, pointers and macros.


Both LogicLab and its runtime are among the lighter on the market. Just a few kB of code occupied on the target. LogicLab setup is quick and immediate and does not require to install heavy framework or external components.


The generated executable code is quick as the one generated by standard C embedded compilers. Every development phase (edit, compiling and download) are among the fastest in the PLC development environments.


The runtime can be easily added to every system, from 8bit architectures to powerful multi-core CPUs. Portability is granted with every kind of operative system or even without (bare metal firmware).


The embedded customization interface, based on HTML and other scripting technologies, allows the user to extend LogicLab with new features specific for his products.


LogicLab can interface (or can be easily integrated) with other Windows software. His layout and its features can be easily modified to meet different requirements.

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