LogicView, high performance HMI

LogicView is a development environment for human-machine interfaces (HMI), designed for the management of industrial PCs with Windows or Linux system.
By relying on the resources available on richer system, LogicView guarantees high-level performances.
Furthermore: the evolved user interface, the great amount of available elements, the possibility to add scripts to customize events and the possibility to connect resources from external applications, guarantee the customer the certainty of achieving the desired result without compromise.

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Complete integration with the Axel suite

LogicView can be perfectly integrated with the other products of the Axel suite, including the PLC IEC 61131-3 development environment (LogicLab), tools for configuration, supervision and diagnostic of networks and parameters (SoftTune and SoftScope), an offline simulator (SimuLab) and a SoftPLC execution environment (LLExec); offering a unique and complete suite able to meet the requirements of any automation system.

Main features

  • HMI development environment designed for Windows and Linux
  • High performances
  • Evolved user interface, clear and user-friendly
  • Deeply customizable in both graphics and features
  • Evolved features (events scripting also with C#, inclusion of resources from other application)
  • Complete integration with the other products of the Axel suite, included the PLC IEC 61131-3 development environment and the configurator for parameters and networks

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