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Since 1998 AXEL was involved in the production and implementation of embedded software for the industrial automation.
AXEL's experience has increased more and more and thanks to its deep knowledge, AXEL can give to its customers' products the added value which is nowadays represented by software components.
AXEL's team is composed of young, active, motivated people who are able to propose the best solution for any need.
AXEL's staff cooperates closely with the customer's technical team. This synergy allows to reach the best result and frees the customer from software problems. In this way, it is possible to focus the attention on the product's features.
AXEL is constantly growing, achieving more market shares and customers year after year.
More and more companies, even some of the most important in the world, decide to choose AXEL as a reliable partner for their products' software.
Nowadays AXEL is the only Italian producer of a PLC IEC 61131 development environment, within the first five producers in the world.

What we do

AXEL's technological offer for the industrial automation is almost complete. It includes all the aspects of the different technologies, from the development of embedded components to the production of software PC tools which are dedicated to programming, configuration and diagnostics of automation components. AXEL's main purpose is to equip its customers with complete and integrated software packages in order to satisfy all the requirements of up-to-date automation systems.

Software tools for PC: AXEL produces and distributes several software tools for Windows PCs (from '90 to Vista) for the industrial automation. Our main products are the IEC 61131-3 compiler, LogicLab, and the HMI development environment for embedded systems, PageLab. AXEL is specialized in the production of software for configuration, parameterization, and monitoring of automation components (CNC, PLC, drives, sensors, etc.). We realize this kind of software tools on the basis of the customer's technical specifications. In this case, our customers are the producers of the hardware components.

Software consultancy: AXEL can give software advice for embedded systems. It is software for multitasking real-time systems endowed with various microprocessors as Intel, Infineon, Motorola, etc. In this case our customers are the producers of hardware for the industrial automation (CNC, PLC, motor drives, etc.) on behalf of whom we can develop either the whole system or just part/s of it (communication protocols, programming interface, operating system features and so on).
AXEL is also specialized in Linux operating system (both standard and real-time) porting on embedded systems.

Our philosophy

Since about 15 years, AXEL has produced embedded software of high technological value for the industrial automation. Remarkable simplicity, ease of use, great efficiency in the execution is what distinguishes our products. Year by year, with increasing commitment, AXEL keeps on developing and distributing LogicLab and other software tools.

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Operations office

Via del Cannino, 3
21020 Crosio della Valle
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Tel : + 39 0332/949600
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