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Via del Cannino, 3 21020 Crosio della Valle - Varese - ITALIA
+ 39 0332 949600

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Our know-how for developing and producing software for the industrial automation is at your disposal.
Our expertise in the development of customized software in the various fields of the industrial automation is at your disposal.
Thanks to our expertise we can develop customized software in the various fields of the industrial automation.

Operating systems

We are specialized for developing and porting real-time multitasking operating systems. Moreover we have a significant experience in the porting of Linux in embedded environments, with real-time extensions, too.


See Fieldbus per for more info.


We have remarkable experience in the development of specific firmware for the various kinds of industrial machines (CNC, PLC, digital drives, control boards for actuators and sensors, I/O modules, etc.). In this field we are able to supply complete solutions for targets with several among the most common embedded microprocessors (ARM, Motorola, Infineon, Intel, etc.). We can manage the development projects either starting from the customer's technical specifications or proposing our own engineering solutions.

Industrial applications

Our activity also deals with the realization of final industrial applications. We have experience in motion control applications (packaging, flying shear, rotary tables, camming, generic motion control), lines control (paper and metal sheet) and much more.