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Ready-to-use solutions for the industrial automation

AXEL CPU modules, in collaboration with DAVE Embedded Systems offer an immediate solution to the users of industrial automation systems. Out of the box, AXEL modules provide a powerful hardware platform, a real-time execution environment, and high quality PLC IEC 61131-3 and HMI software tools.
The full set of hardware resources and peripherals (network, CAN, USB, video, memories, etc) the module is equipped with ensures an almost unlimited range of applicability.
Linux operating system with Xenomai real-time extensions supplies a wide range of software services (file system, network, removable disks, etc.) which are essential in an up-to-date automation system.
Also multi-core AMP configurations with Linux and FreeRTOS are available for very high performances systems having strict determinism requirements.

No porting costs

Adopting one of these solutions means to obtain immediately PLC and HMI run-times and fieldbus stacks without facing any porting or development cost: the module price includes all the necessary licenses. Our development environment LogicLab e PageLab are free and freely distributable.